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Chickasaw Nation Attorney in Texas

Chickasaw Lawyer for Business Litigation, Estate Planning, and Elder Law

Southern Oklahoma Lawyer for Chickasaw Nation

Attorney Stephen Colbert, a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation, has practiced law for nearly 50 years. He and his firm are ready to help you successfully plan for the future by using various tools for estate planning. The firm can also assist with questions of elder law, including long-term care planning, planning for Medicare, and estate and probate administration. He also has extensive experience in business law, including business litigation and transactions. No matter the case or legal question, Colbert Law Group PLLC will get you the results you deserve. For a Chickasaw attorney you can trust in Texas and Oklahoma, contact our firm today.

Chickasaw Attorney for Southern Oklahoma

We can provide legal assistance with estate planning, elder law, and business litigation. Here are some of the specific practice areas that Colbert Law Group PLLC has experience in:

Estate Planning – We can start you on a path to a well-crafted and thorough estate plan today. Our firm works hard to find the right combination of estate planning tools for each individual or family to prepare you for the future.

  • Wills – As the most basic estate planning tool, a will can help start a successful plan. It can be used to designate a guardian for your children and also specify beneficiaries for your assets, gifts, and other individual items from your estate.
  • Trusts – Trusts have become another popular estate planning tool. Through a trust, you can safeguard your assets and make sure they are distributed to the correct beneficiaries. A trust can be used for your needs during your lifetime or distributed after your death.
  • Powers of Attorney – Through powers of attorney directives, individuals can ensure their decisions about important medical and financial matters will be followed out according to their wishes should they lose the capacity to make the decision themselves.
  • Guardianships – By creating a guardianship, family members or other trusted individuals can make important legal, medical and financial decisions for a person who does not have the capacity. This can be due to old age, incapacitation, illness, or for a minor child.
  • Special Needs Trusts – To provide lasting care for an individual with special needs, you can establish a special needs trust to manage their financial assets. This will allow for supplemental medical or personal care while ensuring they remain eligible for the public assistance they need.

Elder Law – For aging individuals, legal issues around health insurance, medical care, long-term care, estate planning, and probate and estate administration are collectively known as elder law.

  • Long-Term Care Planning – Our firm can help you plan for the substantial costs associated with long-term care, either at a designated facility or with at-home care.
  • Medicare – If your Medicare application has been denied, we can review and modify the application to increase your chances of accessing this important federal health care program.
  • Probate and Estate Administration – We can provide you with legal and financial guidance following the death of a loved one. Whether it is administering an estate through the deceased's will or representing your rights during a probate process, our firm will be your advocate.

Business Litigation – Every business owner knows they can often face legal challenges. Whether setting up or restructuring your company, providing representation during a business litigation case, or addressing an employer/employee issue, Colbert Law Group PLLC can provide experienced business law guidance through any circumstance.

Chickasaw Lawyer for Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Business Litigation in Texas

For all your estate planning, elder law, or business litigation cases, contact attorney and Chickasaw Nation member Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Law Group PLLC prides itself on providing personal service and successful results for its clients throughout Texas and Oklahoma. For your initial consultation, contact us via email or call our office at 972-724-3338.

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