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A will is a legal document in estate planning that can be used to provide your beneficiaries and heirs with detailed instructions about how you want your estate distributed after your death. While no person likes to think about the end of their life, it is essential to establish a will, also known as a last will and testament, so that your wishes are followed after you have passed. Along with the distribution of property, assets, and business investments, a will can be used to name a guardian and provide an inheritance for your minor children. To start planning for your future with the creation of a will, contact the experienced estate planning attorneys at Colbert Law Group PLLC.

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It is important to begin the process of drafting a will whether you have a large number of assets or just a modest amount of savings. By creating a will, you are taking an important step toward protecting your family and protecting your assets and property. A will should not just be something you start thinking about as you approach retirement. As you begin to accumulate assets and savings, purchase a house, and have children, you should establish a clear plan in the event that something unthinkable happens. Though it may be unpleasant to consider, having a will is the best way to start.

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Through your will, you will be able to:

  • Establish an executor, who is your personal representative, to carry out the will's provisions. They should be a trusted family member or personal friend.
  • Establish detailed instructions on how your estate should be administered to the executor. They will be responsible for distributing the assets and property and paying off any debts.
  • Decide who will inherit your estate, including assets and property. Common assets passed on through a will include money in a savings account, houses and other property, cars, other personal belongings, pensions, trusts, and life insurance.
  • Give specific assets or personal belongings to family members, heirs, relatives, or dependents. These can include family heirlooms or other sentimental items.
  • Establish a guardian for your minor children and leave the children an inheritance. The inheritance is passed on in the form of a trust.
  • Provide monetary gifts or assets for charities, organizations, or other institutions of your choice.

By having a will, you will also help avoid any disputes about your inheritance between family members or other heirs. It will also help prevent possible lawsuits and issues with creditors if you owe any debts. If you die without a will, or the will is ruled invalid by the courts, your assets will be subject to what is known as intestate succession. Your assets will be inherited by your closest surviving heirs or relatives, namely your spouse, children, or other family members. However, the distribution will be subject to state law and not your intended wishes. That is why it is essential that you prepare a valid will.

As needed, we can recommend other estate planning tools, including establishing a trust or trusts and designating a power of attorney for your finances and medical care. These tools can work together to make it easier on your family and help avoid future disputes.

Contact a Denton County Lawyer to Prepare Your Will

To take the first step to provide clear guidance for your estate to your family and loved ones, contact Colbert Law Group PLLC. We will take the time to learn about your situation, discuss your options, and begin drafting a will that you will be comfortable with. Contact our office via email or call us at 972-724-3338. We are ready to help you start your will today.

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