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Providing Skilled And Experienced Child Custody Representation

Child custody matters are vital and often highly stressful. As a parent, you have concerns about where the child will live, how they will be taken care of and how to meet their most vital needs.

At Colbert Law Group PLLC, we will make sure the court addresses your wishes. We understand what is at stake. Therefore, we handle such matters professionally and carefully.

Finding Out What Is In The Child’s Best Interests

In Texas, all determinations concerning custody revolve around what is best for the child. It is, therefore, important that the court address your concerns.

We think about you and your child’s needs when dealing with child custody issues and parenting time or visitation. We understand the importance of having your input concerning such decisions. Also, we will address the legal and financial necessities required to meet your child’s physical, emotional and schooling requirements.

Pursuing The Best Possible Custody Arrangement

We will also discuss what sort of custody arrangement will best meet your child’s needs. We will help you understand what sole custody and joint or shared custody mean for you. As every family law situation is unique, there is no single solution that applies to every case.

We have been providing representation to parents in divorce, child custody and family law matters since 1992. We take pride in providing the sort of representation you would expect from competent and experienced lawyers. At no time will we place your needs into the hands of someone unqualified to handle your matter.

Understanding Your Needs And Concerns

To find out more about our family law services and set up an initial consultation with an attorney, do not hesitate to contact Colbert Law Group PLLC in Flower Mound by calling 972-777-6296. You can also reach us by sending an email.